About Us

The congregation meets in the Gospel Centre, an attractive building at the heart of one of Benidorm’s chief tourist areas close to the sea-front.

The Church is rented from the Scandinavian Congregation (www.turistkyrkan.net) who own the building and also worship there.  From time to time, where possible, the English Church shares activities and fellowship with them.

Our church is overseen by the Paraclete Christian Network International (PCNI), which is a registered charity (1019767). 

PCNI is a ministry dedicated to serving and equipping the Kingdom of God at home and overseas.  The word 'Paraclete' comes from the Greek word used as one of the names of the Holy Spirit and means "the one who comes alongside to help".

To find out more about the work of PCNI please visit www.paraclete.org.uk or if you would like to financially support our work please visit www.paraclete.org.uk/supporting-us 

When we meet:-

  • SUNDAY 11.00am MORNING SERVICE - during this service there is corporate worship and clear, direct teaching from the Bible.
  • WEDNESDAY 11.00am BIBLE STUDY AND PRAYER - during this time, we dive into God’s word again and see its practical relevance for being Jesus followers in the 21st C. We usually combine it with prayer for our personal needs and that of our city and the world.
  • FRIDAY 11.00am HOLY COMMUNION - (during this time there is worship, Bible teaching and we also share in bread and wine as commanded by the Lord).

Usually tea/coffee/refreshments are served after each service.

If you would like any further information or are planning a holiday to Benidorm, please get in contact with us.