Our History

The Church has been in existence since 1985 bearing a faithful witness to the gospel amongst the English speaking residents and visitors to Benidorm.

It is overseen by the Paraclete Christian Network International (PCNI), which is a registered charity (1019767). 

Paraclete Christian Network International is a ministry dedicated to serving and equipping the Kingdom of God at home and overseas.  The word 'Paraclete' comes from the Greek word used as one of the names of the Holy Spirit and means "the one who comes alongside to help".

This reflects something of the vision which brought PCNI into being in 1984, networking with other ministries across the world, seeking to encourage, equip, support and share resources in the power of the Holy Spirit.

To find out more about the work of PCNI please visit www.paraclete.org.uk

Pastor Trevor's Induction (Sept 2021)

About Benidorm

Benidorm, known as the Jewel of the Costa Blanca’ by some, and ‘sin city’ by others, is without doubt one of the most popular cosmopolitan and most publicised tourist resorts in Southern Spain.

Recent estimates report that Benidorm attracts 3.8 million visitors each year, of whom 700,000 are British of all ages. This influx brings a range of benefits and problems, such as drunkenness, vandalism, violence, sexual promiscuity etc, particularly among young people.

Alongside the tourists, there are many thousands of permanent and semi-permanent British residents for whom Benidorm is home for part or the whole of the year.  Among the estimated 50,000 in these groups, some are employed servicing the tourist industry, working in restaurants or bars, or in other sectors whilst others have chosen to retire to Benidorm, either completely leaving the UK, or living the winter months in a second home.  Many of these have significant, physical, social and spiritual needs associated with living in a foreign country.

Even in sun-drenched Benidorm the young people are ever looking for reality.  Those living in the latter years of their life are often reflective on perhaps a wasted life and ready for a presentation of the living Gospel. In fact, many have never been presented with the Gospel.

Current Needs

It is vital that this work continues and can expand to meet the ongoing needs prevalent among those visiting, and those residing in Benidorm.  Prayer support is vital, especially in the spiritual climate of the area - so we ask for your prayers.

Financial support, of course, is ever welcome as this helps to supplement the income raised locally through offerings etc.  The church needs to meet its rent, ministry, publicity and outreach costs each year.

For further information on financially supporting our work please visit www.paraclete.org.uk/supporting-us